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For years, I have so enjoyed traveling, particularly traveling using airline miles and hotel points as efficiently as possible.  What I enjoy most about travel is reflecting on the surprises that each location brings.  My husband and I recently moved from Houston, TX to Perth, Australia and I figured two birds, one stone - I could create a site dedicated to my travel learnings as well as keep my mom and mother-in-law up to date on our adventures.  So here we are and welcome to the two other readers I anticipate will make it this far.  

Why the Parakeet of Perth?

I wanted a catchy title that had alliteration to it.  Pirate of Perth does have a great ring to it.  However, I did not want to have to explain on any potential immigration application whether I was or was not a pirate and what my stance on pirating is.

With Pirate of Perth out, I turned to birds as my favorite news source, The Wall Street Journal, let me know, birding is good for your health. (See here). Limited to birds starting with the letter P that I could think of, I came up with penguin, puffin, parrot and pelican.  Of those, the parakeet resonated with me as brightly colored and quite vocal with slightly fewer connotations than parrot.

Image by Milin John
Image by Sergey Koop
Image by David Clode
Image by Michael Nguyen
Image by David Clode
Image by Steve Franklin
Image by Brandon Griggs
Image by shehan levusara
Image by Zdeněk Macháček
Image by Celine Aumard
Image by Amit Talwar
Image by Jenn
Image by SADIK Ali
Image by Prasad Panchakshari
Image by Mohit Goel
Image by Sreenivas
Image by Charlie Hammond
Image by Tawhid Khan
Image by adam hilles
Image by Clément Rémond
Image by Hugo WAI
Image by Den Trushtin
Image by Zdeněk Macháček
Image by Bianca Ackermann
Image by Elizabeth R.
Image by David Clode
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