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What's in my travel bag?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Tips on what I pack when traveling abroad

Handheld essentials

  • Inflatable pillow [Here]

  • Eyemask + earphones [Here]

Personal care

Everyone has a different approach here. Mine is to keep it as light as possible.

Key: Don't pack what the hotel provides

Critical personal care items for me

  • Wireless mini hair straightener [Here]

  • Battery powered electric toothbrush [Here]

Eagle Creek

I find Eagle Creek products, which can be procured online as well as in a variety of different stores (e.g., Container Store, REI, etc.), highly durable and a better value than Tumi. [Here]

To be avoided

I have had these items confiscated or they can run afoul of local rules.

  • Scissors

  • Umbrella

  • Gum

  • Sudafed

This is not a complete list

I only included items I found I am not automatically drawn to pack. I am currently testing out a handheld fan as well as a collapsable water bottle, but those are not yet ready to be endorsed.

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We really like the Briggs and Riely rolling suitcases because they have a built in ratcheting compression section. My wife really likes taking a portable kettle or other water heater device + matcha.

Truth on the umbrellas though, we lost a good couple heading out of Fiji once.




Someone’s been to Singapore


Marsha Abel
Marsha Abel

I love the travel items list. If anyone is a pro at packing (and packing light) - it's you! I have a lot to learn about that!!! Keep the suggestions coming!

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